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Redwood Arms RV Park

Opened Late May (Memorial Day Weekend) - mid November.

Closed mid-November through late May.   

RV Check-in time 1pm - 9pm.  NO LATE ARRIVALS.  

RV Check-out 11am

It is a simple, family-run RV park housed behind the commercial building that sits just off Highway 133 in Paonia, Colorado with 6 RV sites.


Daily Rates:  $40 - $55 plus tax

Weekly Rates:  $250- $375 plus tax


Pets: $15 per pet (only one dog is allowed)

Rates are based on type of RV/Camper and number of individuals staying.  

• All RV sites have 30 and 50 amp service.

• All RV sites have electric, water, and sewer hook-up.  

  • Free Wi-Fi

To eliminate double bookings and to maintain the personal touch, we only

take bookings via the telephone or email for RVs  9am to 9pm. Thank You.

Redwood Arms RV Park

RV Park Rules

Welcome to the Redwood Arms RV Park! We appreciate your patronage. 

Our goal is for everyone to enjoy their stay.  Below are our rules and/regulations, and we asked that you follow them to ensure a positive experience for all our guests.

  • Our quiet time is from 11 p.m. - 8 a.m. daily, but please be courteous to your fellow guests during all hours of the day. During quiet hours, there is no loud talking, loud radios, loud televisions, or other loud noises allowed. The use of generators are not permitted on the property. We do enforce a curfew - anyone under 18 years of age may not leave their site or rental after 11 p.m. unless it is to and from restroom facilities accompanied by an adult.

  • Check in for RV is between 2pm – 9pm.  No late check-ins please.

  • Only one well-behaved dog is welcomed per site.  Dog must remain on a leash at all times, no exceptions.  Owners must pick up after their dog while on the premises. An unattended dog are not allowed.

  • All reservations include a maximum of 4 guests unless otherwise stated. Rates are based on the maximum occupancy of the site. The individual reserving the site must be a minimum of 18 years of age and be physically present at the time of check in.

  • Campers are responsible for their visitors. Visitors may NOT stay overnight. 

  • One vehicle, inclusive of one RV, are included with each reservation as determined by Management and as space allows. Additional vehicles are $5 per day and subject to availability of parking in designated areas. Towing is enforced at the guest’s expense. All guests must stay within the property boundaries. No trespassing on neighboring land is permitted.

  • All certified RV types are permitted unless prevented by specific site constraints.

  • No repairs or maintenance of RV or guest’s vehicles and/or other motorized vehicles is allowed at the site.

  • No trash is to be left outside at any time.  Trash must be disposed into designated containers located throughout the premises.  Sites must be cleaned up of garbage and debris prior to departure. Additional charges may result for sites requiring additional cleaning. Excess garbage is subject to additional fees. 

  • Do not throw trash and/or cigarette butts on the ground. 

  • Do not throw hot grease and chemicals on the ground, grass, and/or down the drain. 

  • No littering.

  • Speed limit is 5 mph on the premises. 

  • The use of fireworks, including sparklers and explosives of any kind, are not permitted under any circumstances. Anyone caught with fireworks may result in removal from the property without a refund.

  • Do not move any picnic tables from sites. 

  • No on ground wood campfires are allowed.  Portable propane sourced campfires enclosed in manufactured firepits are allowed unless there is a fire ban and must supervised by an adult while in use.  Please ask before use of portable propane sourced campfires. 

  • All visitors must be registered at the office.  Again no overnight stay are permitted for visitors.   

  • We are not responsible for accidents or injury to our guests, or for loss of any valuables or personal property.  

  • Life threatening emergencies and/or injuries, dial 9-1-1 and provide your site number. Non-life threatening please see the office and/or call the number posted.

Special accommodations will be considered on a case-by-case bases.  When in doubt about the rules and/regulations please inquire with Management before booking a site.

Thank you!

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